Physical Activity

Physical Activity in St Patrick’s De La Salle

Let’s get Skipping in St Patrick’s de La Salle.

This is the first #FeelGoodFridays activity for 2022. To continue on our journey towards our 1st Active School Flag, we are going skipping!!! On Friday, January 28th every teacher/SNA and pupil will skip or do Jumping Jacks for a specific length of time. Each participant will count their own skips/Jumping Jacks, and then all the individual scores will be added together to find the class’s total score. You can then check the poster to see which of Europe’s mountain peaks your class reached. Remember, 1 jump =1 metre!! Ask your class to find these mountain peaks which they have reached in their atlas, or I pad. (physical education) Could you beat your total score on another day? The aim is to get the school community active, and I know everyone will enjoy this.