Active Schools Week

St Patrick’s De La Salle Active Schools Week

Our Active School Committee organises an Active School Week each year. Last year it took place from 5th to the 8th of May 2022. It is a well-planned action packed programme which is accessible to all.

The week involved lots of fun activities for all of our pupils. There were teacher v pupil challenges, challenges set by Caoimhe our gymnastics coach and interclass challenges. Every class completed the Active School Walkway. We invited past pupil and former Kilkenny All Ireland Winning Captain and Player Jackie Tyrrell for #FeelGoodFriday Local Hero Day.

Jackie spoke to all the pupils and a selection of pupils asked him questions about his hurling career and his time in the school. He then set a hurling challenge for 5 more pupils. His final task was to announce the winner of Our Active School Slogan to Martin Fitzpatrick in last year’s 4th class.

Written homework was replaced by active homework and children enjoyed doing crab walks, cycling their bikes, doing active housework and walking their dog instead of Spellbound or Planet Maths. Everyone wore tracksuits and school uniforms were left at home. Teachers and pupils from one class per class level set sporting challenges for the other class and vice versa. Classes make up their own games with specific equipment and teachers try out some new P.E. equipment. For example, pool noodles.

Every class completes an Active Walkway activity during this week as we continue to bring learning outdoors!

This year the annual school sports day will also take place during active school week. This is a day that everyone looks forward to. Activities include the old favourites: potato & spoon, sack race, to new activities such as the obstacle race, which involves crawling under a net, just like on the T.V. show ‘Ireland’s Fittest Family’. On this day, every child in the school is active at the same time as they move along all the stations.

This year, our active school week will take place on May 29th until June 2nd and plans are in full flow. Puff and Caoimhe (our basketball and gymnastics coaches) will continue their fantastic lessons during this week too! Classes often plan walking trips across Kilkenny City during this week, including orienteering in the Castle Park.

‘Active School Week’ Video