St Patrick’s De La Salle Choir

For many years our school has earned a reputation for having a fantastic choir. Due to popularity with the children, we have had to divide into two sets, which has led to the formation of a Junior and Senior Choir. The choirs are very active during the school year. They perform at all the school Sacraments [Communion, First Penance and Confirmation]. At Christmas, the choir performs at the annual show held in our hall with the choir members doing a carol singing piece.

The choir has performed in various local venues including, The Watergate and Langton’s Set Theatre with different artists. More performances outside of the school include, singing in the Library and Alzheimer’s Care Centre for Christmas. Also, our choir has taken part many times in the ‘Cross Border Choirs’ and the ‘Hallelujah Concert’ in Dublin. The choir directors are Ms Walpole and Ms O Beirne.