Our Ethos

St Patrick’s De La Salle Ethos

For over one hundred years Saint Patrick’s De La Salle Boys School has been educating the children of Kikenny. It is our ambition, here in the De La Salle, to ensure that your child will be healthy and happy throughout his stay with us . Our school ethos is that the child will develop, not just academically, but spiritually, physically and morally.

We follow a child-centred curriculum which encompasses a wide range of subject areas. Through positivity and encouragement and with the support of the parents, teachers and local community, we hope to instil in our boys a sense of respect for themselves, for others, for their school and for their environment.

Our school has a proud association with our national games. Hurling and football are played by our pupils from a very early age. Soccer, swimming, tag rugy, athletics and our choir play a vital role also in our curriculum and our children’s development.

We also prepare our children for the sacraments of First Penance, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. In so doing we hope to foster in them a deep sense of Christianity and love and a healthy respect for the beliefs of others-values, we hope, that will lead them to a happy and fulfilling life.